Another Happy Customer!

Below is an excerpt which was copied and pasted from an email we recently received from one of our sellers:

Thank You to Doug, Tim and all the crew of 
> Merritt Auctions.
>  It took me 10 years to decide to have an auction after dad died, then 2 
> years to pick the best Auction Co.  I picked the best with Merritt 
> Auctions.   Their years of experience  is evident in their confident, 
> professional manner.   I was very pleased with how they took care of 
> everything from start to finish.  Once you sign the agreement, they take 
> over and do the rest.  They worked very hard in difficult conditions and 
> were all very polite and positive.
> What a great group of people and great service.  I wish I had talked to 
> Doug 10 years ago!  Thanks
> If anyone considers having an auction for anything.. Call Merritt Auctions 
> and relax!
> You may use any or all of this note for your advertising... Dean Wood, Lansing MI

We’re always grateful to hear words like these…Not to toot our horn too loudly, but we get feedback like this all the time.  We feel it is a reflection of several qualities we bring to the table including (1) A love for what we do! (2) A dedication to not only our bidders, but our sellers also and (3) Our professional and knowledgeable crew!